Slash your interest rate
Slash time to pay off debt
Stop debt collectors from calling you
Improve your credit score
#1 Slash your interest rate

*Slash Interest Rate!
Imagine reducing your rate from 29% to only 6%.

#2 Slash time to pay off balance

*Slash Time To Pay Off Balance! ...from 17+ years to only 5 years.

#3 Stop debt collectors from calling

*Stop Debt Collectors from Calling You! No more screening calls.

#4 Improve your credit score.

*Improve Your Credit Score! Score goes UP while debt goes DOWN.

Welcome to Lawyers United for Debt Relief
Credit card modification and legal advice for a suprisingly reasonable fee.

Lawyers United for Debt Relief (LUDR) can help if you are experiencing some of these debt-related warning signs:

  • Creditors send overdue notices or make harassing phone calls
  • You are bouncing checks
  • You are afraid to add up your debts
  • You make minimum payments on your credit cards or less each month
  • You have reached your credit limits
  • You charge items on your credit card you once bought with cash
  • You rush to the bank on payday to cover checks already written
  • You are often late paying your bills or use one card to pay another

Lawyers United for Debt Relief (LUDR) can help with credit card modification by:

  • Reviewing your financial situation with you free of charge
  • Designing a realistic budget and help you stick to it
  • Working with creditors to try to reduce your total payments or spread you payments over a longer period of time
  • Halting credit card interest charges where possible
  • Making payments to your creditors from our trust account, and continue to work with you until you are out of debt


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DISCLAIMER:   The calculations provided are generic and informational only. Some credit cards may use another method of calculating minimum payments other than the statutory minimum, and/or may have different fee structures.

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What Our Clients Are Saying:

“ an LUDR client, I have always been treated with the utmost dignity and respect. ...I knew that your firm always wanted me to succeed in getting a strong grasp on my financial matters....Ultimately, I attribute my success to being focused on being debt free, the tenacity of your LUDR representatives, and your firm's committment to help clients be financially independent.”
- Client, October 2008